Gold, silver prices today, Check the latest city-wise prices here

Gold, silver prices today, Check the latest city-wise prices here

As Gold and silver are the most demanding and prestigious metals in the world, the prices of Gold and Silver updates day by day, here is the list of gold and silver prices (sona chandi ka rate) in India.

On Wednesday, gold futures, maturing on February 3, 2023, recorded a hike of Rs 48 and 0.09% on the MCX (Multi Commodity Exchange). The rates were retailing at Rs 54,770 per 10 grams when the market opened.


When the market closed, gold was trading at Rs 54,743 per 10 grams, while silver was at Rs 68,775 per kg on Tuesday.

The current price of gold and silver in India depends upon various factors such as the rate of Indian Rupee against US Dollar and the world wide demand of gold and silver also plays an important role in the change of gold and silver price today.

GOLD, SILVER PRICES IN Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Chennai

CITYGOLD (per 10 grams, 22 carats)SILVER (per kg)
NEW DELHIRs 49,940Rs 71,000
MUMBAIRs 49,790Rs 71,000
KOLKATARs 49,790Rs 71,000
HYDERABADRs 49,790Rs 71,000
PUNERs 49,790Rs 71,000
AHMEDABADRs 49,840Rs 73,000
JAIPURRs 49,940Rs 71,000
CHENNAIRs 50,390Rs 73,000

On Tuesday, gold futures recorded a hike and were trading at Rs 54,132 per 10 grams. Meanwhile, silver futures witnessed a jump of Rs 423 or 0.62 per cent. It was retailing at Rs 68,085 per kg.

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