Mira Rajput invites her newbie mom Alia Bhatt for tea at her house.

Mira Rajput has invited newbie mom Alia Bhatt for tea at her house

Mira Rajput is not established herself as a Films Star, but it is not to say that she is now a successful social media influencer and her major of the post trend on social media platforms.

Mira is continuously posting fun content pertaining to her family, beauty secrets, amid others, dropped a ‘delicious’ pictures from her house and new mom Alia Bhatt dropped a beautiful comment on her post, Mira invites her on a cup of tea.


As the fans know very well that Mira Rajput Kapoor loves food a lot, and she is also fond off posting that same on social media especially on Instagram.

Once she posted a picture of chai and a bowl of Gujarati staple Undhiyu on Instagram with a caption, “Undhiyu for life. I’m pretty sure I was Gujrati in my last life (sic).”

On that post, New mommy Alia Bhatt dropped a cute and beautiful comment, She wrote, “I want that cuppa tea (sic).”

On that particular comment Mira respond and invites Alia bhatt for Tea at her house. She wrote, “@aliaabhatt mummy it’s time for you to cross the sea link! (sic).”

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