Twitter blue, golden and official badges detail, how to get

Twitter blue, golden and official badges explained: What they mean, how to get

Twitter has a blue verification badge (Blur Tick), Most of the users can get this blue badge with Blue subscription. And Twitter also have 2 more badges that are Golden and Official Badge. Let us know about them too.

In Short

  • Twitter Blue subscription gives you Blue badge.
  • The blue badge means the account is Real, authentic, and active.
  • Twitter is rolling out a golden badge for business profiles.

Like other social media Twitter has a Blur Badge which means that the account is Real, Active, and Authenticated but do you know that recently Twitter has launched its Golden Badge for Business Personalities to highlight that account which is managed by a business personality.

Twitter Blue Tick

Twitter blue tick is now become a part of Twitter Blue subscription. You can get Blue tick on Twitter by buying the twitter blue subscription by paying a monthly fee of $8 on the web and $11 on iPhones.

It is unclear that it will be available in India but may be cleared by Twitter India soon. But App Store listing highlights a price of Rs 999 per month.

Previously, Twitter Blue tick is provided to public figures only, but now it is open to all in just a monthly subscription of Twitter Blue.

Twitter official and yellow badges

Last Month, Several Twitter accounts receive an official badge (gray badge) to many politicians, influencers, and news outlets automatically which means that these profiles need not do anything for their verification badge.

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